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maine moose

Bunratty Castle

Having only 2 kids for the next week the good looking one told me we was to have a day out. So of we went to Bunratty Castle and folk park in Co Clare. What a cracking place the staff really friendly and entertaining. With the theme of times past some nice old Irish cottages all with a turf fire going. The best I could compare it to would be Beamish in Co Durham, but this was all local history and a real castle to look round .It was the home of the O'BRIENS king of that part till Henry the 8th arrived. Will definitely be going again if for nothing else to try there medieval banquet.  


Great pics

Fascinating place, at risk of showing just how ignorant I am, what's the structure in the last pic?

I think its a hayrick, for storing hay.
The stone mushrooms hold the base off the floor and rats and mice cant climb them and get into it so they cant nest or spread.
The design is although they might be able to climb the ston stalks its impossable for them to negotiate the ovrhang so it keeps the stores safe.
They were used for storerooms, drying floors and sometomes whole houses were lut on them i beleive...

Fantastic photos thank you, what a great place

Thank you!
maine moose

Pilsbury you are right about the stone stooks as they are called I had never seen one till we came to live here now there's one in use just down the road. While'st at it I had never seen a full field cut by scythe till I was up in Donegal, the wife thought we was in a time warp  

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