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Bunduff Falls

We managed a walk without rain along the Bunduff falls. They are along the Co.Sligo coast with easy access. The walk is about 20 mins to the sea without a camera but 3 hours with. We will have to go back later in the year when the Salmon are running.

If anyone is interested, these were taken on Iford fp 4 plus 120 film



Beautiful water falls, never seen them in such an open space before....  I can almost 'hear' them! Great photos! (....gonna have to add Ireland to my travel list for sure....)


Nice looking spot, and great photos too

Fantastic photos  

Looks a beautiful place, how near to something like that could I get with Thebus.  

I was aiming to travel down through Snowdonia and across to Ireland at some time, when I can tear myself away from Scotland

mrs tiggywinkle

  Nice one.  My photos of water always turn out looking a bit "flat"!!

and wet.

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