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I'm looking for plants to attract bumblebees and have come across one called Viper's Bugloss; anyone heard of it? I have located and sent for seeds.
This is where I want to place them to attract and cammaflage; a homemade bumblebee nest box! I understand they have different nectar requirements to honey bees.
green man

My bumblebees spend loads of time around the Comfrey plants they are a major nectar supplier for bees of all sorts around here, and you can use them as compost or ground cover. Vipers is a wild flower in some parts with chalk soils it is in the same family as Comfrey , that of Boraginaceae

Both Honeybees, and Bumbles will work Vipers Bugloss. Remember that it only flowers for a limited while, so other food sources will be needed.

Before the pharmacutical oil industry became over supplied, Vipers Bugloss was farmed on a commercial scale, along with Borage.The seeds of both these plants are pressed for their oil content.

The best way to get Bumbles to take up residence in your box is to find an old mouses nest and put it in your box, Bumbles for some reason are drawn like a magnet to the smell.

Good luck with your project stanley.
green man

Top tip from Beeman there!  Thanks.

Beeman, thanks for that, I'll be searching for mouse nests now!
I have a list of plants to obtain and its sited close to mine and my neighbour's fruit trees. I've even ordered a type of runner bean that has attractive flowers.
Gilbert Jessop

Bumblebee plants etc.

the Bumblebee Conservation Trust have an excellent list of Bumblebee plants, and they'd be interested to hear from you if you get bees in your box too...


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