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Bumble bees

I have noticed in the last two weeks that there seems to be a fair few more bumble bees around this year - last year I think I saw one this year I am seeing at least couple everyday.  Anyone else noticed this?

Yep, have thought exactly the same!
We are seeing very big bumblebees not only in our 'garden' - no flowers    - but loads up in our fields.
Was up in the fields at about  8am'ish  and the bees were buzzing even then  
Gives you a good feeling, doesn't it - summer coming and all that

yep for about 2 weeks now I have been dive bombed up the fields. Was wondering what they are doing in the grass  

Yep, here as well, we have been seeing them for a couple of weeks....

excellent - last year I saw hardly any but they seem to be everywhere now - is it just me that thinks there were far fewer around last year??

laods here too......they must be coming out of hibernation now the weather is nicer.....  

We heard them in the hedgerows on the way back from the Allotment tonight and yesterday  

Pretty much the same here too.

And in Norfolk too. I have rescued loads from my conservatory. I have a huge jasmine which scents the place out and when the door is open half the neighbourhood too. I think they are tempted in by the aroma. Last year I had to abandon a raised veg bed as it had a whopping great bumble bee nest in it so I'm pleased they are around in good numbers. Perhaps its all those kind people who have put bumble bee houses in their gardens that have helped them out. Love Lizzie

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