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Bumble Bee nest

Was cleaning out the chickens this morning when I noticed a couple of bumble bees flying around, did not really take much notice, but then I saw one disappear under the container that holds the chicken feed.

A few minutes later I saw another do the same. Very carefully I lifted up the container just in time to see the bee disappear into the ground.

So looks like we are lucky enough to have a bumble bee nest, and will make sure they are not disturbed  

This is one in an old couch out side on our verander

Last year i relocated quite a few bumble nests, which customers wanted treated    , althou i told them they wouldn't do any harm and are on the decline.

A lot of people claiming they were Wasps  

They are great and fun to have around we love to show people them coming and going also the photos as we dont want to upset them only thing is we can't sit on he couch  

First bumble bee nest I ever saw looked like a deflated soccer ball made out of pine straw.  It was a perfect geometric design.  Had no choice but to kick it.  The bees promptly showed me that it wasn't a soccer ball.

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