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Bulworthy Project

Bulworthy Project Open Day

We're having an open day on the 6th of September. We've put the initial details on our website today. Thanks to some friends of ours providing some great and educational entertainment it's going to be a really fun day.
Bulworthy Project

Great news.  Our Temporary Entertainments Notice came through so we can sell Alcohol and play recorded music at our open day.

We have a poster to email to anyone who likes eating, drinking, craft demonstrations and hanging out in the woods.

Sounds like a fantastic day out.

Just a shame I arrive in the UK on the 18th Sept.

Wish we were there to go to that sounds great day out.
Bulworthy Project

A friend of ours asked if we were ready for the open day today.  The only honest reply was "not yet but hopefully by the end of Friday."

We're really looking forward to it and hope to see some of you there.

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