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Buffet Ideas!!!

Looking for some tips and idea's... we are doing a buffet style arrangement for Xmas Eve, and I'm planning to do some snacks, I've already been bribed into bringing whats left of this years Elderflower Champagne, but I'd like to add some food.

I've based my ideas so far around bite sized filo pastry "things", as I got a tonne of it for 10p a roll at the shop the other day and jammed it in the deep freeze....    

I have plans for bite sized salmon and goats cheese parcels; chicken, ham hock and haggis parcels; and prawn based ones.

As well as a desert type one with chocolate spread put on then rolled up like a spring roll.

Question!!! Do you think I could make these from scratch then refreeze? Or cook then refreeze??

I'd like to do them in the oven on the night, could I cook them, then freeze them, then cook from frozen in the oven do you think?

They will only be bite-sized ones, so shouldn't take too long to cook.

Any ideas for other filo filling are more than welcome, I haven't quite finalized my plans for the prawn ones yet.  

I'd freeze then cook. We buy frozen spring rolls and samosas from the indian shop and just bung in a hot oven. They are not precooked. Love Lizzie

Spring roll pastry is definitely re-freezable without being cooked first, but I am not sure about filo pastry.  I know if you re-freeze puff pastry without cooking it first it is horrible!

So, I'm not much help, really, am I?  

How about a brie & cranberry combo?

I have refrozen filo and not had any trouble before, was just worried about the fillings, cooking at the same time as the pastry.... :/ as i think it will go horrible if I try to defrost then cook. Only explanatin is I shall have to do a trial run and taste test them all, fresh made a frozen.... haha

I LOVE the sound of that brie and cranberry idea... mmm, shall have to do that!!!  

Going to try some spiced apple samosa's as well, my family all loves indian food so i think the theme will go down well, and they are all perfect little snack sizes.

Does anyone know how to roll a samosa shape???!!!!!! Lol.  

Isn't a Samosa a triangle folded into a smaller triangle? ie. one point to the middle of the opposite side with all three points?

Ooops, no, according to google you start with a semi-circle and fold the corners over each other to form a pocket and then fold the flap down and seal!

Well, you learn something new every day.  

how complicated!!!! lol

I think i'm going to have to youtube this.

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