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green man

BT phone bill!!

Just had the phone bill from BT 147 hardly ever on the phone. They are having a laugh,  64 pounds are actual phone calls. we spend 44,97 on Broad band option 1, and 38.37 for line rental (free weekend plan) it is too much who does it cheaper??

Have you had a look at different broadband suppliers, we get ours thru orange which is 22, and with a few extras from bt our phone bill is nealy always under 100,  saying that we have all got mobiles that we tend to use more and more, but there are 7 of us here most the time on and off the landline too.

try searching "1tel" dad uses them and they are quite good , they also do a broadband package  
green man

Is that a quarter. DD

Yep the phone bill is but the broadband is per month. I'll double check now  

Take a hard look at your actual usage.

Then see if you are on the best plans for what you use.

We did that & found that we were paying extra for things like 1 million free calls that we never used or low cost world wide calls but the cost was more than the calls we did make would cost.
green man

Yes I think that may be what has happened they are crafty always trying to bamboozle us with too many confusing options they should be obliged to give each customer the best deal depending on their record of usage.

We just pay the basic line rental to BT (which I think is about 14 a month) and then have all our calls, broadband and tele from Sky.

How about BT Anytime for phone calls and this option from BE for your internet? The BT offer includes 01, 02, 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers - pay by direct debit and register your number online for paperless billing (done by email) and you'll get a discount of about 2% which will bring it down. If you use a lot of calls to mobiles that will bump it up though.

BE is well regarded and I've seen it working, seems to do better than Orange from what my friend says as she transferred from one to the other.

I use NewNet for internet which is 99% reliable with a helpdesk in UK on an 01 number. Lots of quite good offers here - just be warned that you need to add VAT to all their prices to compare with your present package.

Well you did ask. BT for calls/BE value - could be around 24.00 if you watch the calls that you are making landline and 40gb is enough internet bandwidth. Up to you what you want.
green man

Thank you Christine.  

DD I only pay 14.99 a month for BT BB

At the moment paying Aol for broadband, telephone seperate...just gone for Aol again..down from about 16 per mth to 10...they offered us the same contract for 18mths at about 16-18 with free phone calls...all phone calls...
Couldn't take this up simply because our present contract has 12mths to go..ref telephone....
There are loads of deals out there..itsa matter of shopping...

PS not sure if this was because we were already with them and at first I kept saying " not interested, looking elsewhere, unless you come up with a better offer."...Cheeky maybe...but it worked...  

We are in the process of swapping all ours to sky - broadband is expensive whoever we use because of our excahnge being antiquated (wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't still a woman sitting  in there with headphones on!) but Kaz, if you wap your line rental to sky too (you keep the same numberand it goes through the same BT line) its only 5 per month
green man

Just had a someone tell me about "Car phone warehouse" they do really good home phone deals apparently- I would never have considered them for my home phone but at something like 12 for BB plus free local calls- sounds good, informant tells me BT are relaying all phone lines and customers are paying for this plus research and developement- blow that for a game of soldiers- I will see what car phone warehouse can offer as soon as contract is finished.  

Lots criticise it, but I like TalkTalk!
Haven't seen much to better it!

I've used Talk Talk for 18 months, very happy with them

We have had talk talk for about a year am very happy with it and it is lots cheaper than BT

the latest package they aare offering on tv though is for local calls only - having said that, mum has had the whole lot with them for about 8 months and its saving her a fortune.

had a word with BT yesterday, done a deal for 27 something a month Broad band, free any time calls and line rental inc VAT, also 42% off calls to mobiles. getting a free wireless hub as well tomorrow.

THAT sounds a good deal. My virgin broadband has gone up to 17.99 a month this month (just broadband-nowt else) so I think a change is inevitable.

I've been reluctant to change because of change of email address and all the inevitable nonsense involved with Paypal and everything else it's tied into.... anyone had any problems with changing their email address?

With changing email address, you need a list of all the important people you need to contact as well as keeping your contacts list when you change over. The real fun is changing your email address on forums like this as it can lock you out which can be great fun. Been there and done it. Ask Admin to change it for you.

Nowadays I keep hotmail and/or googlemail addresses so that if I change ISP it really matters not.

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