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Dave C

Brown Eggs

Few years ago me and a few others on here had a bit of a Dark Egg obsession  :
I bred Welsummers and had some quality Marans at the time and the best eggs were from a Welsummer cockerel over a Cuckoo Marans hen ( also Sex linked)

I love Welsummers but the Marans I have now are better utility birds and they suit my meat bird project as well and with a bit of look will add in a dark ish egg,
So I'm doing one more batch of chicks and thinking of layers I'm doing the Sasso x Marans cross again.
The cockerels from the last batch are looking really meaty but I only got 1 Pullet out, so not enough to really test the cross on egg size and laying.
The Sasso's have layed about every day since they were 18 weeks.
A nice big egg as well so together who knows.

This sounds as if it's going to be interesting time , I'm looking forward to following your story , all the best
Dave C

The Sasso x Marans eggs are in the incy now  
Fingers crossed for some more Pullets this time.

Here are the white cockerels from the last batch at 6 weeks old.
Holding there own weight wise with the pure Sasso.

And the black Pullet is turning a nice golden Cuckoo colour


Very nice looking birds.

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