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broody hen help?

So we have a broody Rhode island.
She is always sitting on the eggs when the children collect them each day, she is laying small eggs herself as she's been doing it for ages,,,so i assume the later the eggs are collected, the longer she is sitting and not eating or drinking?
Hence small eggs.

If we were to let her fulfill her need to raise chicks,,, I'm thinking we would need to separate her from the other girls? And give her some fertile eggs to sit on.
We don't have a cockerel.

We have materials to build a small ar type house and pen for her, so it's possible.

Would we need to provide anything additional for possible chicks like a heal lamp or anything?
I would have thought that the hen should be able to do it fine herself?

We are doubling the size of our coop this year and I'm thinking now might be a good time to have a go at hatching some of our own.

Any help or advice is welcome.

This morning to be sure, the boys left a couple of eggs in the box and she's still there sitting now, so I'm 100% sure we have a broody.

Would moving her to a separate coop and pen possibly dissipate the " need" to sit?
Keeping her where she is isn't an option as she's high up and she lets the others in the nest to lay.

You might find this link interesting

If you have a small ark or coop move her into it in the evening so she less likely to be disturbed. Maybe give her a couple of 'spare' eggs to sit on just to ensure she has settled before replacing them with the fertile clutch you would like her to hatch.

Make sure she has food and water available. (I feed my broody hens mixed corn) and then just leave her to it.

You may find for the first couple of days she won't leave the nest but after that she will probably get into a routine, getting off just once or twice a day.

At around day 18 or so I find mine tend not to leave the nest, once the chicks have hatched change the feed to chick crumbs and replace the water bowl with a shallow dish or drinker.
Dave C

Hatching your own eggs under a broody is great fun  

Just do what Sandra said and if your unsure about anything just ask  

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