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Ican't believe I am writing this but we lot our most beautiful little girl died yesterday.  Only 18 months old such a short time .  we took her in to be spayed and when we went to collect her before they could bring her out to us she collapsed and they couldn't save her.

such a huge empty hole now.  so unexpected.

I want to say run free at the bridge Brodie but I don't want you to I want you here running free in your favourite top field with us for the next ten years as you should be.

I fell like we killed you.
Grandma Bodger

=Oh Debbie what heartbreak anything I say will not help you Bless him may he rest in peace]

That is too sad to handle     to you all from all us. We have tears in eyes just reading it.

Oh Debbie....what can I say. Thinking of you and Simon xx

So very sorry for you both...RIP Brodie x

Too, too sad, God bless Brodie, and you and Simon.

oh dear , how awful ..thinking of you  ...R.I.P Brodie

Thats awful.

How terribly, terribly sad for you.  So very sorry

I've just got home from work and John greeted me with this news - I can't believe what has happened to Brodie.
You can't blame yourselves.
We are all thinking about you      

I'm so sorry to read this but please don't blame yourselves, you did everything in the best interest for her and honestly you couldn't of done anything differently.
You care of all your animals is second to none and you have to beleiv e that. X

Oh Deddie & Simon, I am so very sorry to hear your sad news but please, please do not blame yourselves  

So sorry to read this Debbie and Simon. Heartbreaking, but please don't blame yourselves.

So very sorry to hear this Debbie, just so utterley sad.  
Dave C

Thats terrible debbie, so very sad.


Sorry to hear the sad news

So sorry    

So sorry for your loss.

Like others, I was shocked to read this, so it must be very hard for you.

So sorry to read this Debbie  
Thinking of you and Simon

So sorry to hear your sad news.

oh Debbie   i'm so sorry to be reading this  

How sad.

How terrible.
I'm so very sorry.   Sending hugs.

so sorry to hear your news

Oh I am so very sad to hear this, what a dreadful thing to happen. I'm very sorry for you both. Love Lizzie X

Thank you all for your kind words.  We miss Brodie terribly.  itssomething that shouldn't have happened.  she was fit and healthy although the vet is blaming thebleed on a blood disorder I am waiting for them to phone back to let me know when the test results will be in to confirm this.

We have buried Brodie next to Darcy who we lost just 10 months ago.  We have a huge dane sized hole in both our home and inside us now and just don't knowwhat to do with ourselves. Brodie wa beautiful and so so happy and so well behaved she really loved her life

I can't help feeling I killed her - I took a perfectly (it seems) healthy 18 month old puppy to the vet for a routine and elective operation, left her there and she died.

it seems we will never know.  the blood the vets sent to be tested was from the abdomen after the bleed and the lab says that it can't be tested as the clotting won't show in that type of blood.  vet says that all stitches were still intact when they opened her up again.  They have testedfor lung worm too and that is negative.  Surely the blood mut have come from somewhere and we assumed when they opened her for the second timetheywuld try and see but apparently not.  we were too shocked to even think of asking for a post mortem so we will never know apparently.  Although dlood clotting disorders have been found in haliquines it has not been know in Brindles or fawns.  A lot of dane breeders have wanted to know the results of this for their own dogs sakes.  Brodie was operated on for a hernia as a puppy with no problems, her mum had her spleen removed 6 month ago with no problem and her sister was spayed in august with no problem.  I think we are meant to accept that its just oneof those things.

I think all here would agree you did not kill her you wanted to give her the live ever big hugs from us all some more furry than others

Debbie, I've only just caught up with this - I'm so sorry that you lost Brodie. Please don't let guilty feelings overwhelm you - hard, I know - but remember what she meant to you. You have a Dane shaped space in your heart, and it will be filled.


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