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Have been paying BT just over half the published price for my Option 3 unlimited downdloads package for the last year but on my first couple of calls to them about renewing they said the price would be going up by a fiver a month as, like most of rural Britain, I'm in what they class as Market 1. That means that no other other ISPs have put their kit into the local exchange so other ISPs have to lease lines from BT as a monopoly provider. The price BT came up with was still much lower than list price but a quick look round showed at least plusnet, sky and freedom2surf were cheaper.
About 10 days left on contract so I just called them to ask for a MAC code, when they asked why I wanted one I quoted some prices from other ISPs closer to the old BT one than the last one they'd offered and surprise surprise the old deal is back on for another year!
This will be the 5th year with BT Internet, other than a few months in the first year after the into discount ran out I've never paid the published price and every year have persuaded them to beat the best deal I've managed find from anyone else. Negotiation certainly pays, to the tune of about 150 a year in this case.

Nice one    It's always worth negotiating with them  

Broadband prices are a pain in the proverbial. If I switched to BT I would be paying less for less at the same price.

I've just found that my present supplier's next package up which will give me more comes out at the same price if I pay for a year in advance. Like they would be telling me. Not, of course. That would be like expecting to be told if your electricity and gas supplier had a cheaper tariff.  

We are like you dtalbot where no other supplier has put their kit into the local exchange

but BT keep phoning me up about a month before my contract is up and giving me offers if i stay with them for another year, thankfully we have no problems with them and so have stayed with them

well done you for negotiating and getting a better deal
Big Phil

We are with BT and it is so so slow!
Makes me so cross I often just turn it off.

Reasonable speed here, usually between between 5 and 6 Mbps. Rather helps that I'm only a hundred yards or so from the exchange! Though strangely after I started making noises about looking for other packages to BT the estimate all the the other sites were getting from BT as to my max speed suddenly dropped to 0.5Mbps, if I were a suspicious person I'd wonder if a dirty tricks department was at work!

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