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Bringing back the Canals.

We had our first and only canal holiday last year and really enjoyed it. Here's a piece from BBC Wales on one canal thats hopefully going to be brought back to life.

I've noticed how often that localised Welsh news coverage tends to be more interesting than the national news.

The canals at the moment tend to provide peaceful quiet habitat for wildlife and foer people butof course, we mustn't forget that they were once the equivalent of the busy motorways that we have today.

Seem to recall a canal in Manchester was being trialed for deliveries.

The Canal network in Manchester has never really closed - parts of it haven't been used for trade for years, although the Manchester Ship Canal which runs from the Mersey right into Salford is still a major trade route.

Watched a good programme last night (in the caravan, on our little jaunt!) called Coast to Coast, and it talked about two canals in Scotland, the Caledonian, and I forget the other one....

Hell of a job, digging them canals out!

Often thought about selling the house and living on a canal boat. We are very close to the Bristol Avon canal and spend many weekends down there. There are still loads of botas that deliver coal and wood down here.

Used to live by the canal in the Midlands and school holidays were spent helping the bargers open/close the locks and quite often then travelling on their barge down to the next one and cadging a lift back from someone else.

OH's Father was over from NZ for one of his regular visits a few years ago and he hired two canal boats so the family could go for a break - we had a fantastic time and would love to do it again.  Such a relaxing way of life - no rush, no rat race, no speed.  Absolutely wonderful  

Captain_Dingbat wrote:
Coast to Coast, and it talked about two canals in Scotland, the Caledonian, and I forget the other one....

The Union Canal  

When the M8 motorway was built, the canal was relegated to an underground pipe...................the motorway was raised a few years ago & the canals' original route re-established  

Building works have apparently started on a new canal in Swindon...yay.

Two year back had the privilage of building a solid oak kitchen on a barge, random lenghts of oak....It were a b@gger with the spirit level..  

and before anyone says it.....water level were no good either....

Re - balancing was another subject...lot more to fitting out a barge than people think...oak one side = has to be re-balanced....unless you want to float on a lisp....    

I spent many a weekend of my teenage years helping restore our local canal. I remember coming home covered in mud, being hosed down by my mum, then off for a long soak in the bath to listen to the Alexis Korner blues show on the radio. Good old days!!

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