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Just being nosy here.

What is your normal breakfast?

I'm one of those who can't function without breakfast, so I normally have a boiled egg and a round of toast, with copious amounts of coffee. Easy to do while I'm getting ready for the day.

I have a problem with fasting days so normally have a bowl of porridge with a little fruit.

Obviously my ideal breakfast is a full English AND croissants!

How about you?

Five corn crackers spread with humous with vecon, a bunch of grapes and a mug of tea.

Gluten free's a pain  I miss good bread, and I really miss butter. It just makes me incredibly nauseous these days; I don't digest dairy well.

Often it's oatcakes (crispy Scottish ones) instead of the corn cakes, very occasionally rice cakes. I like marmite or raspberry jelly on my oatcakes

Breakfast happens when I mind I haven't eaten. I'm easily distracted
I'm still a little fat lady though  


Porridge in the winter, muesli in the summer.

Fruit , whatever is fresh in garden, or what we have dried, with yogurt then 2 rounds of toast with butter and homemade jam, with plenty of coffee

Bowl of cereal and a cup of unsweetened black tea

Either museli with a selection of fruit and natural yoghurt or porridge with banana

I buy fruit at the weekend and portion it out to last a few days - this week we have got melon, strawberries and grapes to go with our museli.

Crumpets! But on Friday at school it's a bacon butty, every staff member seems to decend on the canteen then!


Coffee, very black and VERY strong.

If at work, then 2 toasted crusts and a couple of sausages, but then I wouldn't have lunch.

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