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Came up with a recipe tonight that pretty closely matches any I've tasted:

4 to 1 of minced pork to beef (think the genuine article uses veal, but I guess beef will do at a pinch)

1 tspn Ground Nutmeg
1 tspn Ground Coriander
1 tspn crushed Coriander Seed
1 tspn White Pepper
1 tspn Celery Seed
1 tbspn rusk
2 tspn Sea Salt
Handful fresh Marjoram
Handful fresh Parsley
Glass of white wine

Mix the meat together, then pass through the mincer a few times until you end up with a paste. Add the spices, mix well, then pass through the mincer again. Add the rusk & white wine, & mix well. Finely-chop the herbs, then pass through the mincer yet again (chill the meat between mixing, or there's a risk the mixing will warm it up too much)

I haven't cased the mix yet as I need to pick up some hog casings from the butcher tomorrow morning. I gently fried-off a patty of the mix though, & the flavour is pretty good. The texture's not quite there yet though. I reckon densely-packing the casings will sort that out though, especially if the sausages are then allowed to settle for a day or so in the fridge

What weight is the 4/1 --lbs or kilos?

Sorry, should've clarified that! I used pounds as that's what my old Salter scale weights are.

Thanks --I'm a lb person but thought I'd better check--I can get veal so I might try it with that.

Apparently it makes a real difference! My recipe's not quite there, and I have the sneaking suspicion the fact I used beef might be why. Maybe the fact it's so fine-grained helps with the texture of the finished sausage

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