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Boys don't leave your ball's on the Lawn.

I refer to my two grandson's....

Meet Milo......moral of the story, "put your balls away"....  

  Oh yes, Milo's having a great time there!
Dave C

Them boys will learn the hard way    

Clever dog you got there Digger's................He knew the English football team won't be needing them.

dogs just want to have fun
Yorkshire Geordie

That reminds me of a joke .................

A guy was round at his girlfriends house and her dog kept jumping up at him.

"Kick his balls and he'll stop", said her mum.

After he'd taken aim and given it everything that he had, she screamed, "No! - I ,meant the ones on the floor..."

I'll get mi coat ...........




At work whenever some asked why something had happened, our standard reply was "Cats". We often had to explain that this was our phrase for "Because it/they can.", being the short version of "Why do cats lie in the sun all day licking their b*ll*cks?" answer, "Because they can!"

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Dogs
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