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DD is still on party and sleep leave from school (the school calls it study leave), and I have the week off from work, so we booked a day trip to Boulogne to stock up the wine cellar (aka the cupboard under the stairs). Usually we go via the tunnel but it was cheaper on the ferry this time, so that is what we did.  

And yes, her hair is pink.  This was going up the French coast towards Calais.

We went into this chuch a few years ago... never again! It looks so lovely from outside, but inside it is dark and dour and damp and miserable.

I love the old town.  We had steak frites and moules frites just down the road on the left. And DD was stopped and asked if she minded having her photo taken because of her hair.

Wouldn't it be nice if British roads were this crowded...

This is my favourite view of all!  The quality isn't good, I was only using my phone camera and the zoom is poor, but white cliffs is white cliffs!

I have a photo of all the booty in the boot but photobucket us mucking me about this morning. I'll try and add it later.  OH is going to do an analysis of the savings, if any, we made on booze.

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