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Botts !

Bott Flys ! They're here with a vengeance, I've just killed five on poor old Bella in one sitting ! The horses hate having them buzzing around them and they're not at all happy.

I was only saying yesterday that I've not seen any yet - or their eggs.

I've got bot knives and special spray that's supposed to make them drop off, but I still find patience and a fingernail is the only sure method of removing them.

Normally, the passengers on the passing number 12 bus are treated to a daily performance of the dance of the bot flies - me swirling round the mare waving a flip flop!!

They are evil arnt they?? - yet to arrive here in Norfolk this year. My old cob used to get in such a state galloping up and down. Once I put thick stockings on him attatched to an elastic surcingle front and back. Looked really odd but gave him total relief! from the flies. I use a sort of pumice stone to remove them as the Arabs legs are so fine I nick them too easily with a bot knife. Love Lizzie
Grandma Bodger

Seabird I,m having a laugh at the thought of your dance, would love to see it

The other horses are happy to rub up against Bella when they have bots bothering them - the bots seem happy to transfer to a grey horse and Bella doesn't seem bothered by them.
When there are bots on the horses and they are careering around the field, when they see us coming they are happy to stand by the gate so that we can climb the gate and swat the bots for them.

Havent seen any here yet. Thanks for the tip off, will dig out me trusty bot knife

Have to admit I'd never heard of Bot flies (I get enough aggro form horseflies) so I Googled   evil little wossnames aren't they?

The bots are here for the first time this morning
First I knew of it, was when the horses went in their turn out field for the day
and, two minutes later, came charging back into the stables.
I don't think they'll be coming out much today  

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