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Rick & Carol


Just got my very first beer brew kit from Coopers & looking forward to somewhat warmer weather as it will be fermenting in an outbuilding.

The instructions say when bottling 4g of sugar should be added to each bottle. How on earth do you measure such a tiny amount - I'm thinking maybe a mustard spoon might be about right - any experience please.

Put your container onto a cheap set of digital scales and add your 4 grammes to the container. Doing it this way, you'll get a far more accurate reading than by just putting the sugar alone on the scales.
Rick & Carol

ah - sounds accurate but a bit of a faff - found this though - if to be believed it's a teaspoon full
maine moose

There is a lot easier way it says on coopers a maximum of 2oz per 5 gal
When you finish fermentation syphon the brew into another bucket (cleaned/sterilised)  as you are emptying it add your 2oz brewing sugar to the beer , when finished leaving all sediment in top bucket, bottle from the now full bucket with a perfectly mixed starter sugar for the bottling  

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