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boiler replacement looms - anyone a plumber?

John is under the floor

The boiler is playing up again - we have a drop in pressure (which is why he is searching under the floor for any water) and water in the condenser.
A new condenser is over £350, the boiler is 8 yrs old - think it is getting to the stage when its going to be cheaper to buy and install a new boiler.

Anyway, phoned BG (awaiting someone callimng us back to do a free survey), and
phoning the guy (company) who we bought the last boiler from (in Hillington, Glasgow) engaged - will call t'morrow..

Hey, ho.
At least we have CH system 2 (wood fuelled) with hot water from the Third Tap.  So glad we did this - nothing like having a backup system.

Im only being philosophical because its wednesday and that means pub lunch day, and after 2 Chardonnays, it will take a lot to make me in a bad mood.

The pressure went down on ours a few days ago and we put some more water into it by opening the valve to let more water into the system. On Friday night, the boiler mada a noise like a screaming Banshee and we had to switch it off pronto.
There was a load of oily black water in the bottom of the boiler casing and we had to call the boiler man out. He came on Monday and repaired it for £48.00. A seal had gone and it was the pump that was making the noise, because the water wasn't getting to it. As of today, there's been a vile stink coming from the carpet that got wet and we're wondering whether or not to make an insurance claim.

well, still waiting for BG to call.....and John is doing my head in with messing with the thing.  He's ordered some part yesterday which 'may' fix it....Im off to college to do some work (but really to keep out his way).
So here I am at almost 3am - havnt had any sleep.
Stupid daughter is having a stressy few days and we are all paying for it.  Lost her bus pass (everyone else's fault), doublebooked appointments on Sat (everyone else's fault), hasnt been sleeping so keeps everyone else up (who's fault?)
and is having a friend(weve never met) over tomorrow to stay, and just tells me tonight that they will be going to a party 30 mins away and could I collect at midnight?

I know a lady who's hubby is a plumber but he's up here in Stoke on Trent - I dunno if you wanted anyone who's this far away?  

Aparrently we are waiting for the Hillington man to phone us back with a date when the thing will be put on a lorry to us.  It has to come via belgravia (no, I dont know why) but its piles cheaper than getting a) parts or b) a plumber and parts

....and the man did say to John just get a new one, its going to work out cheaper...
so...were waiting.

Thank God we have the back up CH or we'd be very cold and rather dirty.

[quote="Lorrainelovesplants:292182"]  It has to come via belgravia (no, I dont know why)  quote]

So you only use posh boiler parts then.  

Its gone from the midlands up to south Glasgow and will be heading via belgravia to us, so its a bit common in its origins.  The company is really good - it was cheaper for John (8) years ago to fly to Glasgow order the stuff ( a complete set of a combi boiler, 7 rads, all pipes, fittings, valves everything) and have it shipped to us here in Cornwall than to buy it anywhere in England.

Have you got the new boiler installed yet?

Glad ours is running with the weather we have over here at the moment.

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