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Boiler - gas , oil or elec

Just in the process of buy a small cottage that I will renovating what's best to get for heating hot water etc as I'm put in new there is already a oil tank in place ,do I get oil boiler gas boiler what about cooking to or go all electric with solar power
Rick & Carol

the electric buy in rate currently makes solar a lot less attractive, I worked out it would take far to long to pay for themselves. With oil it's a lot easier to shop round for the best price rather than swap gas suppliers & chances are you'd be able to join a syndicate to negotiate the best oil prices
Canburne Does everything cooking, heating and hot water and made in the UK. Brilliant kit - had ours 8 years and wouldn't change it for anything. Actually superior to AGA/Rayburn ....

Here we have  wood burners for all   so no help to you at all sorry

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