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Bodgers Special Reserve.

We've bottled some special cider today. Well at least I hope it is. Its been matured in an old rum barrel and then sweetened with soft brown sugar. The blending and tasting to get it as we want, has been great fun.  The cider is a sweet and has a real taste of rum and at just over 7% by volume, it has a beautiful dark colour.
I think its quite special but what do I know? I'll drink anything, especially if I've made it myself. What we need to do now, is to get some labels done for next year, so that we can market it as something very different from our usual brew.  

I remember when I made cider, that often it will start to referment round about the time the apple blossoms presumbably as the weather begins to warm, so just watch that if you have now added extra sugar.  

~That maybe something they covered on the cider course earlier in the year?

Yum! When will you be able to sell this rum tasting brew? Might be a good Easter tipple.

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