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Bodger's LS eggs

Just to let you know how the hatch went,

3 candled clear (infertile)
1 failed to develop
1 dead in shell (started to chip but gave up)
7 hatched, 24hrs later they are under brooder lamp and appear fit and healthy.  
It appears that the errant cock has left his mark as you can see with the black chick.  

All in not a bad hatch, I now have the start of my new Light Sussex flock, thanks Bodger.

There's definitely a cuckoo been in the nest. I'm glad that things didn't go too badly.
Yorkshire Geordie

Brilliant, well done.  
I like the idea of just one black among the seven.  


I have 6 pure sussex, no longer so cute looking and finally abandoned by their 'mother' last night, a few silkies and a whole bunch of crosses of various ages. (Not counting the adults obviously.)

That one in your hand has the biggest comb I've ever seen on a DO! I presume it's just the photo that's making it's feet look so yellow? Anything purebred black will give black chicks only.

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