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Bodger, ran out of BAIT!

work has been slow due to the cold inclimate weather , Sooo---------- took one of my horse shoe pitching team mates bullhead fishing . In two hours we had run out of bait and our buckets were full . Stumpy , met a fine story telling Englishman at our old pub ( I hate to say but we gave him bullheads for beer) . He owns a bunch of houses that he rents to fellow countrymen by the week right near the lake . If I can only get ya to head up a carp fishing trip I might be able to find a guide service for you all!    

Fishing partner for the day Bobcat Randall pulling one in !

Old pal Muttonchops Cuddeback putting in his time . We caught over 100 today , Muttonchops fishes every chance and stacks em' up . I asked what he does w/ all of them and he told us he put on a fish fry at the old folks home for free every Friday eve. Next time yer over Bodger I'll take you down to have a fish dinner w/ folks yer own age!!!    


Thanks for the memory Von and the pictures. Me and my mate have fished from the same spot.

You always talk of how you cook/use/eat your catch and I started to wonder about the American mindset towards fishing.
Do you not have what we term as pleasure anglers? Those that just fish for fun, not the pot and return their catches alive.

They get enjoyment out of catching them and eating them. In the main, folks fish for what they call 'pan' fish. Species such as carp are classed as being 'junk' fish

Their freshwater fish taste delicious and I'm sure that a lot of ours must taste equally so.

I throw back all bass , carp , and most Trout . Most of the fish I catch I fish for for a reason --------- they are very tastey !

Looks like you had a good day!
I've never quite understood the fishing for fun to just throw it back, doesn't really fit with showing respect to what you hunt if you don't intend catching stuff to eat.

I like jigging Lake Trout from the depths of Seneca Lake w/ 2 oz. bucktail jigs . Fished off the bottom in 100-160ft. of water , takes a bit of skill . I care not to eat Lake Trout or any of the salmonoids for that matter and catching the trout on jigs lets me slowly fight the fish up from the deep and release it . Trolling or still fishing the depths always results in a dead fish .

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