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Bodes Well

My RIRxLS pullets have started laying this week.  
They are 20 weeks old and look really good , I'd take some photos but you can't see them very well being shut up in the shed.
I have never had pullets start laying mid-winter before. They have always waited for the days to lengthen in spring.
I'm hoping that this is a sign of good things to come from them.      

They're bound to do well To have them laying at 20 weeks really puts my summer hatched Light Sussex and Ancona pullets to shame. I reckon I've only got four or five out of my twelve that have laid so far.

I agree they should do well, the LS side of the cross are hens hatched from your eggs Bodger and they laid very well through the year.  
Dave C

My birds of the same cross started laying in October and are still producing the odd egg  

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