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Bob, the waterbaby!

This had us in hysterics today. We looked out and saw Bob bobbing up and down in the pond. We had to wash him off under the shower.

As you can tell from Dunks face, she wasn't that impressed ::

We now have a temporary fence around the pond :-?


At least you know he can swim/hold his own in water!

Bless the little fella!

He's just practicing :-) :-) :-)
Von has just sent me photos of his sons lab puppy jumping into his swimming pool :-)

Ahhh, can we see em Kaz?

I'd like to see them if poss

I'm sure he won't mind :-)

and one of Pissant jumping into his pool...

(They are a bit big )

Ahh! Thanks Kaz. They are great

Cute puppy dog!

thanks Kaz , Thats the piss ants pup and him leaping upside down into the pool . I couldn't own a pool w/ the two here they'd be in all the time!

OMG ... its Bobs twin!

Thanks for sharing with us :-)

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