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Bob has arrived

Bob meets Dunk

Bob meets Lenny


Bob is sssoo cute!!! :-)

new dog

I think my new furry nephew is lovely - almost as nice as a my cats


*think I will have to up the pressure on mum and dad**

He looks lovely :-)
He doesn't seem too worried about Lennie.

Extremely pleased (and I must say surprised) to report that Bob slept the whole night through! We did not hear a peep out of him!

Bob and Lenny get on very well, and Lenny is not fussed by him at all!

Are you up cleaning puppy pooh ?

Ahhhh! Bless it. :-)

bodger wrote:
Are you up cleaning puppy pooh ?

Yep doing it all for my little boy, although I couldnt find any bags ... where did you put them Mum?

I am also hand feeding him and teaching him watch, he is an absolute cracker!

He got the all ok from the Vet today which was great (it was a free puppy check) and he is now sleeping like a little angel!

Thanks for all the nice comments about my little boy

Is Bob going to watch big brother too ?????? :: :: ::

No Bob is far too intelligent for that!

Warning to owners of a yellow lab ... dont get a "Desert Storm" (Really old landrover) as they leak oil over puppies ... Bob had a black go faster stripe on his back and had to have a bit of a wash before bed, Mummy (moi) was not pleased :laughing8: :angry4: :laughing8:

Dads and their toys eh :roll:

Here are some more photos of Bob

Bob likes his football

I have kittens every time he goes near the pond! He has already gone in once ... so at least we know he can swim

Look how well behaved Bob is

That didn't last long did it ...

AH I left him with Twin Dunk for 5 minutes and look what she did!

She got Lenny too!

Its worse than I thought ... Bob has now hit the bottle!

I hope these will help your campaign Doodle!

He looks a right little smasher!

He's settled in very well. Lenny "works" with us all day every day and it seems as if Bob is as keen to join the workforce!


I reckon a camera with a wider screen and we would have seen CAO on the next bed :: :: ::

Well he does seem to have spent most of his life in the dog house ::

They are getting along together nicely

He looks very relaxed - I haven't seen any naughty photos of him yet :-)

:: well if they would stay still long enough I would be able to show you a picture of Bob dangling off Lennys ear! Lenny is so good - he is just giving us the look that says " How long do I have to put up with this?"

What a pretty pup!

He's gorgeous but I am biased, he has just dug a hole by our back door step through the gravel and jumped onto our peach chair (a serious no no) and it now has mud all over it ... Kaz you just had to jinx us didn't you!!!!

We didn't intend getting a puppy just yet but Bob needed a home. He'd gone to another home and got sent back after two days with the excuse of work committments. My brother in law rang us up and asked if we'd be interested in him ( the breeder is a friend of his), we thought about it and said yes after about 1 minute.
So at 8 weeks old he had a change of home and a new name! I absolutely adore him. I think it was meant to be - it is our gain, no doubt about it.

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