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Boat building

Hi all
How difficult do you reckon it would be to build a suitable sized fishing boat at home.
I'm thinking between 14 and 18 feet long, with a cuddy
I've read the article on building the dinghy but just seems too small.
Thoughts and opinions are appreciated

Not too difficult. But depends upon the materials that you want to use. I am sort of a traditionalist with an affinity for wooden boats; but that is because I have only limited experience with Glass-fibre and GRP's. Although I will be manufacturing fibreglass boxes and additional body panels for the Cargo Bicycles and trailers that I produce over the next few weeks.

A good place to start is;  Svensons free boat plans.

The Jonboat, Kingfisher and Duck Punt are boats that I have built from theses readily available free plans, and I fancy building the Redwood Canadian canoe for myself. Alas, Cargo Cycles, and the other products that I make have placed a severe demand upon my time for this year, along with another house move in a few weeks time, and an on-going project that I have wanted to do for sometime that may take me up to a year to complete.

if you have any carpentry skills then it will be straight forward,
choose a good sea worthy designer ask plenty of qeustions, and get some wood.

All thre best, oh ! and keep us all up to date please.


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