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Yorkshire Geordie

Blue Moon

August 2012 was a special month because it had two full Moons.
The first was on the 2nd August and the second was on 31st August.
The second full Moon of a month is called a "Blue Moon" generally.  

Here is today's shot of the Moon, but I cheated and gave it a blue tinge.


Fantastic photo     Thanks - and I am glad you made it look a bit blue  

Last time we had one I wondered why it was called a "Blue Moon" as it is not normally blue to look at.  

I knew that it was also called a "Betrayer Moon" - as when you are trying to judge the seasons by the moons a 4th Moon in any one season throws everything out.  

It seems the old English term for betrayer is "Belewe" and it can mean either "betrayer" or "blue"  Hence Blue Moon    

Thank you both    

Fantastic Picture Yorkshire Geordie  

Fantastic picture - it really was a bright moon, it was like daylight outside.

Quite ironic really yorkshire that it was also the month that Neil Armstrong sadly passed on.....I shouldnt be saying this with my aversion to Altered Images but i quite like the blue tinge to it

  great pic....

and thanks to DBE for enlightening us/ well at least me...

Reminded me of the Marcels record " Blue Moon"... YG  

Didnt know that about the blue/beluwe moon, thanks for the info  

Looks nice with the blue tinge.

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