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Blue egg layers ?

Do you remember this post ?


How do you think they set about breeding commercial blue egg layers ? Any ideas ?

Looks like there's Leghorn blood in there, and it would have to be Legbar or Araucana to get the shell colour.

Are you planning your next project?

I'd rather buy the finished article to be honest.

There are some hybrids about that are being sold, called Bluebells, but I'm not prepared to fork out the asking price of 18 quid a piece for them.  If we go to ralphs cider festival again this year, i'll try and make some enquiries.

Silver Grey Dorkings lay blue eggs too

some ducks lay green ones
also I think ALL auracana xs lay blue eggs so I wonder if you crossed a commercial brown hybrid what the egg numbers would be like

Hello Bodger..
Got a few of these here

It's a breed I have been working on for a few years.

Without giving any trade secrets away, whats in them ? How do they fair in the egg laying department ?

They come in White and Silver as well.

Brilley Whites.

Brilley Silvers

Silver Cock

Lay over 200 eggs a year on free-range.

Silvers and White have added Exchequer Leghorn in them makes for a bigger bird,more eggs and a larger gene pool.

OOhh I like the pretty silver ones.....what are they made of??? Will you be selling any?? Love Lizzie

Hello Lizzy.
Usual sort of things..Feathers/feet/beak/wings
I only breed to order on these breeds, but I do have a few nearly POL but a long way from where you live..I can send you some hatching eggs next spring if you like.

What do you think about putting an Arucanna over a hybrid hen like the Warren ?

Arucannas lay blue eggs and warrens lay loads of eggs, but i don't suppose it would be as simple as that.

Stunning the silver ones

Tried hatching silver grey dorking earlier in summer no success tho sadly
Mind you I loved the pics of the very majestic looking  Australorp

The only Warren cross I ever tried was to an Exchequer Leghorn cock.

I got this.

Good layer, but not what I concider a worthwhile x

I don't like the headgear Aura's fussy.

I know its not like mixing paint but I wonder where that black came from ?

I got a legbar cock and put it over two brown leghorns with a view to hatching afew.........not had a broody since?????

I would imagine that any cock birds from a good blue/green egg laying strain over a white egg laying hen would be a good cross. You would certainly get the hybrid vigour.

I am also sure that someone will have a different theory

from what i have discovered from asking different folk- producing different coloured eggs is just like mixing paint.

I have not tried it myself yet- but have been told that blue egg layers onto white produces more blue eggs

blue onto brown or dark brown produces a range of khaki and green shades.

this is only what i have enquired about and thought about trying

This cock heads my pen of green egg layers.
He was by a Brilley Blue cock over a Gold duckwing Welsommer hens and I mated him back to a Gold Duckwing Welsommer to produce this seasons birds.

In another pen I mated a Gold Duckwing Cock to Partridge hens to introduce another line into the pens next year(2011) after I see what they lay like.

This years pullets will be penned back to the cock in the first photo.

Gold Duckwing Welsommer hen.

Really fascinating stuff CF. I shall defo be contacting you for hatching eggs next spring. I am in a dilemma myself this year, My old araucana cock has got to go and i have a choice of Cuckoo maran or welsummer to take his place as head honcho. I have mainly hybrid hens some bluebelles, black rocks ,copper marans and unrelated wellies. I want to get good eggs as dark as poss. Who do you think would be best?? Love Lizzie

Hello Lizzy.

First you need to know how good the mother and for that matter the father of both your cockerels laid.
The cock will carry 50% of the gene for egg laying capabilities and if he came from a poor laying strain he will add that gene to the mix when he mates.
The hen brings similar qualities to the mating such as egg shape.Both the cock and hen bring egg colour and you need to breed from only the birds you know are as good as you have...Use eggs from all the other as eating eggs which should pay to support your best breeding stock.

I have spent years messing with different breeds and strains, but it's a fantastic hobby and I try to breed better birds every season from the ones I have.

I have a bit on breeding on my may need to scroll down abit or keyword 'breeding'

One of my Welsommers.


A cracking bird.

OOh he is handsome isnt he?. What a fine cock!  I think we will keep the maran as the pullet from the same hatch of welsummers has laid a small egg today that is quite pale in comparison to the other wellies I have. So i think therefore that he will have a weak egg colour gene. Also he has insipid yellow legs - not the lovely dark yellow I was hoping for. If I put a pic of the maran on could you comment on him for me? Love Lizzie

I've spoken to someone whose done the Arracuna/ Warren cross and the resulting birds laid loads of eggs but they were green rather than blue. I might try the arracunna on some of my LS. My LS lay a pale flesh coloured egg, so the cross might produce blue.

Ive been crossing arracunnas to all sorts for years to get various shades of green/blue eggs and in a nutshell it seems to be that if you use a arracunna cock to the hens of choice, the colour of eggs of the resulting chicks will be more olive coloured from the darker egg laying hens through to light blue from a leghorn cross.

Thanks for the info. I've tried to get bodger into the name but have settled for Warracannas.

I have put an arrancana cockeral over my blackrocks and the resulting hens laid green eggs - over my light sussex white egg layers the resulting hens laid blue eggs.  The best bit though was the the resulting hens laid like their hybrid mums - an egg virtually every day.  The down side is that any male chicks aren't worth eating unlike when I use a sasso or hubbard cockeral over my hyrbid hens.  As we don't sell eggs as eggs in shell any more (all get converted to sscotch eggs for the market) I stick to a meat cockerals over my girls now - again the resulting hens lay just like their mums..

I am thinking about putting a cream legbar cockerall in with a few rhode island reds that are still laying would i then get a bluey green egg from the hatched chicks whilst still having a strain that lays a lot? Any thoughts?

From what I've been told Matt, if you put a blue egg layer onto a brown egg layer, then you'll get green or olive eggs.

Sounds ok abit different thats what i am after. So crossed with a white/pale egg laying bantam i would hopefully get a blue egg laying bantam?

Unless breeders have really gone to work since I kept bantams, most bantams lay white or flesh coloured eggs. Maran bantams for instance certainly didn't use to lay the deep brown eggs that there larger counterparts are so famous for.

It would be interesting to see if your efforts would be successful

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