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Yorkshire Geordie

Blooming heck!

Devon's weather this July has been as varied as everywhere else, but it has also been warm, sunny and wet.  
Mrs Y.G. has been very busy in her garden - to good effect too.  
I have taken one or two blooming shots of her flowers, some of which I can't name.
Can you?





This red admiral thinks they are superb and was resting for a while on this leaf:-




Quite colourful and very satisfactory to admire, especially when the sun    shines and there's a drink in your hand.  

They look great! Finished school Thursday lunchtime but no time to enjoy the holidays yet as the new ceiling and floor were put in last week (we had had a major leak from upstairs into the lounge!) so have been decorating. All done now though and back in lounge!

Your pictures reminded me that summer is out there and i'm heading to find it tomorrow...  

Once again great pics  
Dave C

Very very nice mate  

Fabulous pictures  
Beautiful flowers - these shots have made my morning  

Great pics!  

Top photos nice and bright to see in our winter

Lovely photos - the butterfly looks a bit battle-scarred though.
Rare one

A lovely collection there, a credit to Mrs YG.

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