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Blooming garden

Back in late

and now


Hope you have enjoyed as much as I have re-building this garden, thanks for viewing


Looks like a lot of sweat went into doing up the garden mate.

I would be putting up a hammock under those trees, for some midday siesta's.

Looking good mate.

Hi Border, I've been out here since 5am,( in  the garden,) to be honest my last couple of post I've totally Knackred up, time for a nice hot bath   me thinks!
put on over 20 pics, lost somehow most of them, then double clicked,Yes time for the tub.

To answer your question not just sweat, blood sweat and some tears.But its getting there....loads of plans and designs in my head....all I need now is the body of 20 year back.


I will get there...          

or is that my problem            

It is soooooo beautiful. Wonderful work there DD. Enjoyed the pics immensely.


That is fantastic what a great job you have done just hope we can make one a small part like that      out there called for me thinks

A couple more....

Absolutely Fabulous,

Gypsofillia Rosea

unknown rambling rose, I call it Nat,


I'm impressed, well done mate!

It's worth all the effort

Gives me a kick doubt I will get anything that good it is fantastic

sod wrote:
Gives me a kick doubt I will get anything that good it is fantastic

Ditto! Well done! (The rose is particularly beautiful!)

Really good DD   love that rambling rose

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