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blimey, 200 guests online

I just had a look at whos online as i wanted to pm someone and there are 200 guests on, nwver seen that many....
I know they are searxh engins and bots but still it seems busy

For some reason the number of guests online has always been greatly exaggerated but we have never been able to work out why
As I am posting this is says there are over 200 guests but in the admin section  only 75 are showing

Funny how there is nearly always 1 hidden member.

Hi-hi....... Hidden

Its not me.

As this is a nice friendly Little forum........with very few keybroad punch-ups, I cant really see the point of being hidden.

As a mod on two Danish forums, all mods and admin can see who is hidden anyway.

I've just had a look at the bottom of the main page, and it seems I'm not here.
Betcha a pound to a pinch of snuff the hidden member is me.

Yep, it's me.
It would seem I'm on now.....

Force of habit from another forum I'm no longer on. I found it useful not to be visible.


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