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Blankets, blankets and blankets.

As you probably already know, I like making blankets.......however, my house and family have been over-blanketed and don't want any more  

So I was very interested when a member of our local knitting group who is very heavily involved with the local food bank, discussed the fact that they also try to supply items to keep their clients warm - this can be blankets for children to wrap themselves into while they do their homework in homes where they cannot afford to pay for heating or even coats, hats, scarves and blankets for clients that are having to live IN TENTS in January/February.

Here is the 1st of many blankets - it's called a Happy blanket and I hope that it helps someone less fortunate than ourselves.
It was fun to make but I shall have to try to block it to get the different sections matching.


Very nice, some cool patterns in there.  

That looks warm, and cheerful, Kaz


very nice,  i will have one if you have any spare please

They breed like rabbits in this house. Kaz has go them all over the place.

It looks like a very Happy Blanket

Great idea.

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