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Well i have been busy this week , tuesday and thursday involved picking 14.5 lbs of berries most were destined for the jam/jelly pan , but a couple of lb.s are going in the freezer for future pies , i still have loads left but not sure that we will want many more , as i now the redcurrants to tackle, then i have rasps , so we should be well fruited this year .

Pleased to hear it - it's been a pretty fruitless year for us.
None of our soft fruits have done very well so I'm relying on wild blackberries, which are taking their time in ripening.
Our apples trees have very little on them either.

Oh dear Mo, sorry to hear of your fruitless year. We're more with confused here - raspberries brilliant, cooking apples and plums excellent, also blueberries. New strawberry beds so a quiet year there.

That hurts given your location, Christine

Weirdly, I think it's been too dry, especially for the apple trees.
Yorkshire Geordie

In Devon the blackberries have been wonderful this year - and BIG


Yep its been good for the currants this year , i picked another 4lb's of blackcurrants and handed them in to the old folks home just up the road they were delighted , so much so that i went back two days later with 4lbs of red currants ,  the birds can have the rest , oh well now its just the Apples to come but they look like a good crop , and i will do a bit foraging for brambles and sloes .

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