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Blackcurrant Jelly

Made some tonight with a couple of pounds of fruit that a friend gave me  

Simplicity itself, for anyone who fancies trying this recipe?

Half pint of water for each pound of fruit. Simmer to a pulp, then strain the juice through a jelly bag (don't force it though, or the jelly will go cloudy, apparently)

Add 1 pound of sugar for each pint of juice, a good squeeze of lemon juice, a small piece of cinnamon bark, a piece of dried Seville orange, & a few fresh mint leaves, then bring to the boil & test for pectin..............

Then pour into sterilised jars, lid them, then leave to cool  

Pleased to see it's turned out lovely & clear too  


Wow! What a beautiful colour!  

I've never tried this, I do a lot of apple jelly, and apple & damson which is a similar colour.  Can't wait to give blackcurrants a whirl now!

Mouthwatering just to look at it.  Will be wonderful!

Nice   I freeze the berries overnight then tip into a press and allow to defrost then press the juice from the berries. through a piece of muslin.

1 pound of sugar to 1 pint juice and boil to set. It ends up much darker in colour than yours appears to be but I would imagine the taste is similar

It tasted lovely, but for some reason wouldn't set  

I tried re-boiling it & adding some fresh lemon juice, but to no avail..............

In the end I gave up with it.

And put in into a demi-john to make wine instead!!!      

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