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blackcurrant jam

Just made this - 1.5lbs fruit gave me 2.5 jars of jam.

pick as many ripe blackcurrants as you can and a couple of not so ripe ones.  Clean and remove stalks and weigh before putting into maslin pan (or stainless saucepan).
Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan.
Soften on a med heat.  I use a potato masher to break the fruit gently.

Add slightly less sugar than the same amount of blackcurrants.
I picked just over 1 and half pounds of fruit and used just less than 1 and a half pounds sugar.  Stir till dissolved and then boil hard and fast.

Ive tried using a sugar thermometer to get the temp right, but it never reaches high enough, so i boil for around 10-15 mins, stirring all the time, and test on a cold plate to see if it wrinkles.
meantime Ive put my washed jars and lids in the oven on a tray to sterilize for 5 mins.

jar the jam whilst hot, lid it and leave in a cool place.


Nice *passes slice of toast*  

Im not sharing it.   I only got 2 and a half jars - that'll not last long.

In fact  was thinking last night of redeveloping the veg patch to accomodate more blackcurrant plants.  Right now I have a whole bed doing nothing.

Mix it LLP[...add a few gooseberries....goose-gog jam is delicious..

We have an abundace of both blackcurrants and gooseberries this year that I am thinking maybe too many. I have also tried doing cordial this year, which has gone down a treat  

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