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Dave C


Hi All, anyone making any Blackberry tipples ?

I am new to the DIY home tipples but fancying giving it a go.
someone suggested to me a good way to start is adding berries to vodka to flavour it.
Does anyone on here do that? if so how long would i leave them in for and do i put them in whole or burst them.
Also would i strain the off and would i add any sugar?

All help appreciated thanks

If you have been given a bottle of Bells whiskey (I can't believe that anyone buys it for themselves) it can be made quite pleasant by combining it with blackberries and sugar, as for sloe gin, and leaving to mature for at least a year.
Drain off carefully, if you are left with a cloudy liquor, use finings.
Rare one

1/2pt water
1 1/2pt vodka (or any other spirit)
1lb 8oz white sugar
1lb 8oz ripe blackberries

put water and sugar into a saucepan and heat to make a syrup.
once cooled add to the spirit.
Gently mix together with the blackberries, taking care not to cut or crush the berries.
Leave to infuse about 2 - 4 weeks until the berries have lost most of their color.(can be left longer )
Pour throug a fine strainer and discard the berries, or use to add to vanilla ice cream.
Pour into bottles, improves with keeping.
I use a demijohn to make mine but a large kilner jar works just as well if you want to make smaller amounts. This works with many fruits .
Good luck .
Dave C

That's exactly what I was looking for thanks.

What conditions do I keep it in for 2-4 weeks or dose it not matter as long as it is air tight.

Also do you have to sterilise all the bottles?

I2 Bore , i find it hard to believe that have found a bad whisky ????? some might be better than others !  but bad ????  surely not a bad one  

Dave C , i make a few blackberry tipples ,  
Bramble Sherry :-  A bottle of cheap sherry , some ? sugar , (depends how sweet you want it ) a 2litre empty plastic milk container , 3/4 fill it with blackberrys , add sugar  add sherry , screw lid on , and turn it / shake it every day or two, for a couple of weeks untill you see the sugar has disolved , leave it in the container for at least 6weeks , or longer , strain the liquid from the container, and use the fruit to make an apple and bramble pie/crumble , superb !!!  
I use much the same method with any other spirit , i have a surplus of , the same can be done with any other soft fruit ,.

Here is a good website ,Liqueur recipes from world-of-bottles,    look it up on google .
Dave C

Excellent, thanks for your advice.

Rare one

sterilise bottles and I tend to place ours in a cupboard for the duration. ours could be left for 6 months or more before filtering.

confused wrote:
I2 Bore , i find it hard to believe that have found a bad whisky ????? some might be better than others !  but bad ????  surely not a bad one  

(I believe) The biggest selling whisky in England, but, curiously, not in Scotland. The Scots have more taste than they are often credited with

Dave have a look here

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