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Black Rats?

How many of you have ever seen a black rat? I hadn't until today but I have now.

The black rat of plague fame, was, until it was ousted by the brown rat, the original rat in the UK. They've now become extremely rare and apparently Sark is one of the few places that they can be found.
Karen and I came across one on our walk in woodland today. It looked as though it had had a dose of poison, because it acted as though we weren't there. We got plenty of pictures of this rather manky looking rat but we wont be able to post them until we get back home.
I wouldn't mind betting that there's many a modern  professional pesty who hasn't set their eyes on one of them. I've seen one now, but wouldn't care if I ever saw one again.

Isn't the black rat Rattus Rattus, as opposed to Rattus Norvegicus? I think the Black Rat's also known as the 'Ship Rat'? Apparently, they make great pets    

I think we have ship rats and native rats, as in brought by Maori here.

Woodsmoke PETS for our dogs maybe  

A rather tatty and worse for wear Black Rat.



Sorry folks, but it looks quite cute to me!   Then again, my daughter used to keep pet rats while she was a youngster.  She had one that she used to take to the pub and the local shop.  The rat used to sit inside Katie's sleeve, or on her shoulder under her hair, so people rarely knew she was there,  

Now that she is a Mum with three daughters of her own, Katie has once again taken to keeping rats, and now has four of the little darlings.  

Could the rat you saw possibly be an escaped (or let loose) pet rat, rather than a wild black rat?  This could explain its ragged appearance, if it is not used to fending for itself.

No. As I said, Sark is one of the last bastions of the black rat and it had definately had a dose of poison.
mole trapper

Rattus rattus can still be found Liverpool, east end docks of london, bristol docks and a few others where they are monitored closely by the ministry! found in other areas they are still notifiable.
That is what we were told on the courses, must look it up and see if it is still correct.

I'm sure that the brown rats actually do for the black ones. Going back a fair bit, I too remember being told that they were still to be found in the Liverpool docks.

I've got a Houseful of Rats and I wouldn't want anyone trying to Poison OR kill them. They make the most Fantastic Pets. I've kept them for 30yrs. I've never seen a Black but they are kept as Pets Just like their more common relative Rattus Norvegicus or Fancy Rat.  

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