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bit of news

Iv been shortlisted for 2 awards in the Cornwall Sustainability Awards this year.  The final thing is at the start of December, but Im not optimistic!(some big names also in the running), but its nice to be recognised for the work we do.
Ive been trying to get WREN to fit free solar panels on our shed roof, and am trying to use the nomination to get them to survey and decide quicker if we are suitable.  It would mean free electric for us and any left over generated would be given back to the community - so everyone wins really.

well done hope you can get that out of it  

Congratulations on being selected for the awards  
Hope the solar panels come to fruition

Well done and good luck

Fingers crossed for you!

Well done and fingers crossed for the solar panels and the awards in December.

Well done, and good luck!  

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