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Bit of a long shot.....

I have to give back my loan horse end of September  I have had her for years and am quite cross about it. Her owner has put her other horse in foal and wants my mare back to ride. She has said I can still go and ride her which is kind but I would really miss the day to day stuff so am contemplating finding another loan.
Does anyone know of something about 15hhish, sensible and nice to handle but not a plod that would love a 5* farm home with me?? References available from BHS judge etc. Pm me please if you have any ideas. Thanks, Lizzie

sorry you have to give your horse back lizzie, I'd be very annoyed too    Is there any way she would consider letting you keep her & she rides occasionally?
cant help with a loan horse for you, but will keep my ears open. Hope you can get sorted soon.

That is such a shame, i will keep my eyes and ears open for you. PM me with what you are looking for and i will put the feelers out for you

Good luck


have you asked/looked on here ?

   All things horsey ~ Norfolk

Mawkim - how do I post on that site - do I have to be approved??  Thanks to everyone for their replies. Love Lizzie
Yorkshire Geordie

Lizzie, so sad.  

If you put "loan horse norfolk" into Google you will find quite a few sites.

One that has advertisements is this site

Good luck, I hope you get what you're looking for.  

sapphire wrote:
sorry you have to give your horse back lizzie, I'd be very annoyed too    

Sorry I don't really understand this comment  the horse is not Lizzie's she has it on loan, and the owner now wants it back, no where in Lizzie's post does she say "she has it on permanent loan".

Irritating as it may be, you Sapphire have no reason to be annoyed and you Lizzie, having had the loan of a horse for 4 years have no reason to be cross.

Just my opinion.

just click on "join"  & I recon you will be up & running in an hr or so.

Just be a bit careful, you know the horse world & dickie dealers, specially them norfolk ones

there is also this one, all things horsey east anglia

Border its my own silly fault for not getting anything in writing. We just had a verbal agreement that I would have her for the rest of her life. I just felt a bit peeved at the time of my post as her owner had not made her intentions clearer. Love Lzzie

Lizzie.....I know how you are feeling as I to had a loaned pony as a teenager, had him for 3 years when the owner wanted him back for their daughter. I knew deep down that this time would come, it hurts, but I had to keep in mind that he was only on loan, as hard as it was.

He needed a firm hand, and as it happened the dughter was not strong enough to handle him.

So my parents offered to buy him, this way the owners had the money to buy their daughter a more suitable pony, and I got my grade A jumping pony back.

He was the best pony/ horse I ever had, brilliant in the show jumping ring, excellent at one day events and he excelled when out hunting.

Here we are at the Cottesmore one day event, we ended taking first place.

Corrr....... that picture takes me back about 40 years.

Love the picture Border, but how did we ever survive, no back protector or skull cap, 'elf and safety would have had a heart attack!!

You are right though, its always worth having a written agreement for any loan horse you have. The two ponies that i have had on loan never had written agreements but my youngest daughters pony (32 yrs old and still going strong) i have a loan agreement sorted and am very careful about who i loan her out to


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