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bit before my time

i have just got indoors from doing a bit of tidying up in the bottom field, clearing brambles and nettles in between showers of rain, or should i say cloud, when i noticed some glass.
well being a field with animals in, i wnt to pick it up, and it was a bottle neck buried in the i dug it up and this is what i found......

it is an old Essolube bottle from the 30's and they are selling them on ebay for 100 !!!  

Drinks on MOGS

What an unusual find just like that!!!


Even Noah's Ark wasn't before your time.

 Hurrah! Great find.

ha ha ha bazz.......mind you i am hunting for the plans for an ark as we speak...................


Wow what a find! I collect bottles but have never seen one like that. Lucky you! Love lizzie

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