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Dave C

Bishop Browns

Following on from Bodgers Buford Browns post
If you can't beat them copy them

I was talking to a very well spoken lady on the grouse moor Saturday who was telling me about her silkie hens.
I went on to talk about the lovely dark eggs my Welsummers lay which she thought was amazing.

And while still being inspired by Bodgers post I went on to tell her about our amazing Bishop Brown hens ( my new name for my Welsummer x Marans ) that lay almost every day and such a dark rich egg

She said they sounded very special, ha and she would like to order 10 for next year and will pay 10 each for them at 12 weeks

One of the BB girls I bred last year



Of course, if you'd have been a real businessman, you would have called them Arch Bishop Browns and charged her fifteen quid.
Dave C

I will be crossing last years birds back to a Welsummer this year
I expect them still to be dark brown colouring with gold necks, but we will see

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