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Birds of Prey at Beacon Fell

Its a little country park in the midst of the trough of bowland and we went ostensibly to give the boy a chance to get out and give the dogs a stretch. Then we bumped into this:

Tom was first volunteer, his prize...

Then when i took the wee dog away Helen became chief snapper on the Harris....she even had it crash into her lol

i came back and took one of the blokes dog, it was a cocker so i had to as an act of cocker solidarity!

I've told you this before BB, that lad of yours is a belter. Tell him that we'll adopt when ever he's ready.
Thats a superb set of pictures that you've taken.

With Bodger on that one...cracking stuff

haha thanks Bodger he keeps us busy. its a tag rugby fest for the next couple of weekends , he likes getting out and about just wish i'd declined the offer of karate lessons,,,ive become his favourite punch bag, and for six he hits hard  

Don't neglect his cricket studies.

haha his 11 year old cousin is playing for Sussex at schoolboy level so im sure he'll initiate him when they meet up in the summer

Great photos, as said by others hes a cracker great to see young boy getting into non screen games   thanks for photos.

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