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Fey Dunnabitt

Biodegradable rubbish sacks at last!

Have you got them over there? In France they're available in some supermarkets now. Of course, I know it's a bit crazy, when nearly everything is sold in plastic bottles or wrappers, what differnce can a few rubbish sacks make, but it's still a step in the right direction. They're made of potatoes! They feel lovely, too, kind of silky and gentle. they're pale green and cost about three times as much as the wicked petroleum-by-product ones, but I bought them anyway. I sometimes wear rubbish sacks in an emergency (yes, I know, but just be kind) and the potato ones feel much better, not so sweaty! Now I'm in Spain, I can't get them, not that it'd make any dofference, as one of the few faults of the Spanish is that they're completely blind to rubbish - as soon as it's chucked on the ground it becomes invisible to them. Very strange.

we have been using them at work for about 18 months, they are good just dont let any get lost at the back of the cupboard, otherwise they get very delicate and fall apart when you throw in a big box of veg peelings that then have to be carefully swept up again

We've had them for green waste for quite a few years but then the council decided on wheelie bins.

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