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Today would have been BillyBob's 4th birthday.

He left us to meet his auntie Tiger Lily at the Bridge last March and there has been a huge hole in our lives ever since.  He comes to visit now and again, mainly at night but sometimes through the day I see him pass the door.

I still have his brother Basil so today is a happy day but tinged with sadness.

Billybob's favourite hiding place

Billybob (foreground) with Basil & Rosie

Happy Birthday my lovely boy.

Easy to see why you miss him they are all so beautiful hope your day goes well God bless

They never really go anywhere.

How awful to lose him so young
I love that photo of him hiding behind/wrecking the blinds

Sadly we have a major computer malfunction just before Xmas and that is the only picture I have of him on his own now.
green man

Looks like a bundle of laughs.

He looked to be a real character.  

It hurts more to lose them so young.

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