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bill and ben go walk about (but can't read)

here's bill and ben off for a wee jaunt, it's their first free range on the hill as we bought them in and they're quite jumpy!

anyway they obviously cant read :smt103
green man

What are you like!! Those aren't pigs they are TAMWORTHS , are they related to the 2 Tamworth's that escaped from the abattoir that time ? a particularly intelligent pig it would seem, so don't be surprised if they can read, it's just verbal they have trouble with ! I bet they are busy casing the joint ready for the great escape :q28:

your probably right GM this tamworth 2 aren't daft. we let them out of a gate at the back of the croft and though they had 200acres to wander about in it took them about 10 mins to work out where the front gate was and hence the food store

PS did you notice the black outline round the spotty pig

cheers, paul

PPS enjoy the hollies

Love the picture.When i read the title i expected dogs :smt103
pigs was a nice surprise

they are just like a couple of dogs baggy, mrs c and her mum took them out for a wee walk through the woods later on in the day :-)

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