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Big Fox!

That's the weight of a breed standard Staffordshire bull terrier!  
One for the Pot

The comments made me laugh  

That's a big old charlie, well done Mr Hepworth!  


Good shot sir!
That's a nice fireside rug size!
As for the comments,    

If it was a Staffordshire bull terrier running loose in the wild, people would soon want THAT shot!  

The comments are to be expected as the number of urban foxes rise and are treated as cute visitors to the garden

Polly wrote:
If it was a Staffordshire bull terrier running loose in the wild, people would soon want THAT shot!  


That,s some fox
Kirribindi Farm

I was chatting to a boke on Sunday that gets called by a Steggles chicken grower in outer Melbourne to help with the feral cat and fox population.
He grows the chicks from day old to processing weight at 8 weeks.
The chicks are kept in a barn situation.
The farmer was having trouble with feral cats getting into the barn and eating the chicks.
The bloke and his mate managed to shoot three very large feral cats.

Then he was telling me about the foxes.
They tried whistling them up and had absolutely no response from the foxes.
Then they put a bin lid down and piled on Maccas.
The bin lid was soon swamped by foxes.
Seems urban foxes don't know what a squealing bunny sounds like but know all about Maccas.


Hi Jacquie, for us Brits, could you translate and tell us whats a Maccca is in Aussie lingo.

I'd hazard a guess at a MacDonalds?

McDonalds same here or Mc Rubbish

Blinking Heck! (or words to that effect ) That Fox is bigger and heavier than OZ our collie  
Kirribindi Farm

Sorry yes its McDonalds.
Wonder if urban foxes have a shorter lifespan from eating so much junk food.


Looks like there's deffo some 'Supersizing' going on!  

Soy is a high proponent in Mc D's stuff (not worth calling 'food') and soy is well known for 'beefing up' anything...people, animals, birds etc....(it affects the kinda like getting steroids...)

Is it possible that because of the hunting ban, the effects of growth hormones used in animal husbandry are now showing up in Foxes that would have normally have succumbed to the hounds?

I do know that the animal husbandry anti inflammatory Diclofenac is causing a serious problem in Asian vultures, and has reduced their numbers from 10's of millions in the 1980's  to about 11,000 today.

Hava a look at this.!&

these were big foxes

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