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best option?

ok went down mums yesterday for roast. and went down garden found out under the chook shed there maybe rats. noticed due to a rat hole in the floor and in 24 hrs  its chewed a new hole after the original was blocked by a piece of wood. the shed is a 6X4ft wood shed and is sited on a pallet but where ground is wet i could not get down on me knees to look under. mum wants to put poisen down but as a fair few cats about and its in the chook pen i said its best not to. am i right to say this? im thinking rat will eat poisen and walk off either into pen and chooks may eat it if not noticed or local cats take a liking to dead rat smell and eat an easy kill. what options i got? im thinking as i got a terrier (that my mums 3 collies dont like ) i take her down put a bar under shed after cleaning shed out and lifting shed up onto its end for dog to get under would this work?

I think Misty's the better option with so many other animals tempted to pick at any poisoned carcasses.

forgot to add the  live trap option  but im thinking misty will be best option

Wire in some bait blocks under the shed, I reckon. Either that, or get a Fenn or two set in tunnels for it?
matt the rat

The best option is a combination of both methods.

Don't worry too much about poisoned bodies being a risk; dogs would have to eat a large number before they had any effect.

If you can move the shed with a good terrier to hand, then do so, and hopefully kill whatever is there.  

Once you've done that, place some bait down in places where it is inaccessible to other animals (use a whole wheat bait as it will be more palatable than blocks) and monitor it carefully for bait take.

Do not leave the bait down for more than three weeks, and monitor it during that period to make sure there is always bait available (use quantities as advised on the product label).

If it's possible, then lay some slabs down for the shed to stand on.

Better still, get the shed raised about a foot off the ground on blocks so that you can see under it and if its ever required, you can always run the terrier underneath it to roust any unwanted visitors out. Your shed will also last longer because it wont be in contact with the wet ground.

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