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Bespoke Wooden furniture

I accidentally stumbled across the bespoke furniture shop of John Barnard when Lois and I where out and about in Norwich; If I had not wanted a specific new rear red reflector for my hybrid bicycle I would never have seen this guy's shop.

It was wonderful to walk into the shop; to touch, feel and experience this beautiful bespoke furniture; some of it is made from the original Oak timbers that were once a part of Nelson's flag ship at the battle of Trafalgar; H.M.S. Victory.

The showroom is located at: 60 St Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1LW. Tel: 01603 766944 and 01603 623959

Just click on the photographs on the front page to be directed to individual pieces.

What gorgeous furniture. I will have a peek in his shop next time we go to the library. Not that I NEED any more furniture - elastic sides on our cottage would be useful!! By the way Gareth my friend has just imported (at vast expense) a bicycle from Holland. It has a sort of stretch chassis and a double child carrier that looks a bit like a wooden boat on the front. Have you ever seen one?? I will try and take a photo if you like as Im sure there must be a market for them here. Love Lizzie

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